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Go Green and Save!


Go GreenWhen it comes to saving our planet and our financial futures, it's all happening at your credit union. Come visit us and you'll discover easy and inventive ways to Go Green and Save. We'll have tips and tools to help you grow your savings and save your green with discounts on hybrid automobiles and earth friendly appliances. We'll also have suggestions on how to convert your home and office to green.


Come in any of our branches and commit to Going Green and Save.


Donate your used or outdated cell phones at any of our branches and we'll see they go to the cellphones for soldiers program.


Need Green in Your Wallet?

You can grow green by using time tested tools such as payroll deduction and systematic deposits to manage your savings.  Make a decision to grow your own green this spring; come into any of our branches and let us help you get started today.


Got Green? Grow it at your Credit Union

Saving for your future and saving the environment have a lot in common. Here are some steps you can take to pad your wallet while protecting the environment.


  • Sell your old clothes If they're still in style, a local consignment shop might buy that pair of jeans that just doesn't fit anymore. That's money in your pocket and one less pair of jeans in a landfill.
  • Buy vintage. While you're selling you old clothes, do some shopping for yourself. You'll uncover one-of-a-kind fashions that required no new natural resources. Bonus- ask your parents for a clothing budget. Buying used will cut your cost dramatically, leaving your plenty to add to savings.
  • Use Personal Branch, your credit union online banking. Check your account online-even transfer funds electronically to your savings account. Sign up for e-statements. Fewer paper statements and envelopes means more trees live. Plus, you can earn interest on your deposits.
  • Bike it. If it's less than two miles one way, bike it. Bicycling is the most energy efficient method of transportation and does not pollute. So pump up the tires, find your lock, and put on a helmet. Bonus- if you've got your driver's license, you'll save on gas by biking; if you don't, ask your parents to boost your allowance in recognition of the time and  resources you're saving them by biking.
  • Pack your lunch. Avoid packaged snacks and skip the vending machines. Beyond the calorie and health concerns, these items are typically highly processed and individually packaged, which uses energy and creates more waste. Save your lunch money and pack your own fresh meal at home in reusable containers. 


Small Change

Saving the environment and saving for your future have a lot in common. They both begin with small change. Each bag reused or can recycled is a step in the right direction. Also, each coin you save brings you a step closer to getting what you want. So where do you start? Select actions from each list to begin saving.


Save for Your Future

  • Picture your future- Pick something to save for, and then picture it. Post a photo of your goal where you'll see it every day. It's easier to save when you have a reason.
  • Need or want? – Next time you're about to buy something, first ask yourself it you really need it or just want it. If it's just a "want," try skipping the purchase and stashing the money in your savings account.
  • Keep it safe – When you get money, put it is a safe place – not your wallet. Leave your money safely at home, and you're less likely to spend it or lose it. Once you get $5 or more, deposit it at the credit union.


Save the Environment

  • Borrow, not buy – Save money and natural resources when you borrow a book, CD, or DVD from your local library.
  • Hang up your clothes – Just because you wore them today doesn't mean they're ready for the wash. Unless your jeans and T are stinky or stained, hang them up to wear another day. Your clothes will last longer, and you'll save the energy used in washing and drying.
  • Drink from the fountain – Bottling water takes energy, and most bottles aren't recycled. Pass up bottled water and boxed drinks and fill up at the drinking fountain with your reusable washable container.